Collection: Add Engraving

Make your board extra special with personalization!

Add Text Engraving: Using our available stock font selection, You can add text to your cribscape - on the board,  on the roof of the structure, on or in the gift box or even the coasters. 

Add a Stock Logo: We have a small stock logo library available. These images can be lasered on the board, a coaster, a set of coasters, or the cover of a gift box.

Add a Custom Logo: Add a graphic or a custom logo. A particular railroad or perhaps a family crest. Maybe a special Holiday graphic. Almost anything can be engraved.

If your custom logo art is in vector format, like .eps, then costs will be similar, based on size, to our stock logo engraving. If the art needs converting to .eps, then we may have to charge to cover the time the conversion takes.

If you would like to know what engraving your artwork will cost, please email your artwork, where you would like it engraved and how big, and we will contact you with costs.