Collection: Golf Cribbage Boards

Carved, solid 3-track cribbage board in a golf theme. Includes cork feet, a slotted back for wall mounting and 6 wooden crib pegs stored in the clubhouse.

*Note these boards are now made with 3 peg tracks.  You can play with 2,3,4 or 6 people. Earlier 2 peg track models may be shown to illustrate options only.

Your board is 8.5" x 11" x 1 5/16" high and is lacquered to make cleaning up a breeze.
Your cribbage board offers a trek around the 'Back Nine' of an artfully landscaped golf course. If you can find a way to actually play the golf game, there are tee boxes, greens and pin flags and holes for each of the nine holes. If you are only playing cribbage, you will have to let your imagination take care of the golfing. Either way, park your cart at the clubhouse at the end of the game, and have a sit on the patio overlooking the course, planning your next round.

Choose 'Add Engraving' to personalize or add a stock or custom logos. Logos/text are best lasered in the ocean area or on the Clubhouse Roof.

Available options are a flocked green tees and/or a wooden lighthouse or flashing lit lighthouse.

Make it a gift set by adding a gift box, cards and/or coasters.