Collection: Lighthouse Cribbage Boards

Carved, solid 3-track cribbage board in a seashore/lighthouse theme. Includes cork feet, a slotted back for wall mounting and 4 wooden crib pegs stored in the boathouse.

Your board is 8.5" x 11" x 1 5/16" high and is lacquered to make cleaning up a breeze.
Your cribbage board will take you from the dock on the bay and along a winding path that slowly climbs and loops to cross a bridge above the river. Traveling onward, you will wind your way along the river as it spills into the sea. The boardwalk picks its way around the point and climbs up to the tip of the point, leaving you at at the foot of the lighthouse, ready for your next adventure.

Choose 'Add Engraving' to personalize or add a stock or custom logos. Logos/text are best lasered in the ocean area or on the Boathouse Roof.

Available options are a blue flocked ocean and/or a flashing Lit Lighthouse.

Make it a gift set by adding a gift box, cards and/or coasters.